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AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Long live the 10th Anniversary of the Pioneer Organization !

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1932 63x132 (#A17)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Opening of Theatre for Children.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Leningrad, 1932 Typo-lithography 93,5x62 (#A18)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Long live young Pioneers !

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1939 92x62 (#A19)

AUTHOR : Koretsky

NAME : Let us take care and show motherly concern to orphans !

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Leningrad, 1947 79x55 (#A20)

AUTHOR : Chernov

NAME : Children are our future. Don't deprive yourself of mother's happiness.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow,1946 86x57,5 (#A21)

AUTHOR : Livanova

NAME : Protect the World.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1962 90x65 (#A22)

AUTHOR : Shcheglov

NAME : The day of an oak leaf.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow,1916 90x72 (#A23)

AUTHOR : Soborova

NAME : Exhibition on protection of motherhood and babyhood.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1919 93x62 (#A24)

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