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AUTHOR : Unknown Artist


YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : St.Petersburg beg.XX cent; chromolithography; 47,5x32 (#A25)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Plant of agricultural machinery and equipment. I.V. Kleiner & Co.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : St.Petersburg,beg.XX cent.; lithography; 75x52 (#A26)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Plant of agricultural machinery and equipment. Widow Matias & sons.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow,1893, lithography; 60x49 (#A27)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : International Company of reaping machines in Russia.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow,1915; lithography; 72x50 (#A28)

AUTHOR : Chizhov S.

NAME : Books to help Bolshevist sowing.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Ivanovo, 1932; 71x50,5 (#A29)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist


YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Leningrad, 1930s; 53x69 (#A30)

AUTHOR : Deykin B.

NAME : Accelerated tempo of work will guarantee bread for cities and machinery for Collective farms.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1930s; 73,5x104,5 (#A31)

AUTHOR : Ferster I.

NAME : Where Cooperatives are not welcomed….

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1930s; 103x68 (#A32)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Increase tobacco sowing.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1932; 104x74 (#A33)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Subscription to the newspaper" Golos Trudovogo Krestyanstva" (The Voice of Labour Peasants).

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Moscow, 1919; 62x92 (#A34)

AUTHOR : Unknown Artist

NAME : Peasant, go to your Red army.

YEAR, TECHNIQUE, SIZE : Kiev, 1920; 46x74 (#A35)

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